My course is interesting and l would recommend my HKLLC to somebody else. My Tutor is good and friendly. I like the conversation session most and the environment is friendly here.
Wai-Land Tai
SCMP Sub-Editor

(Course: Putonghua Beginners)
My tutor is friendly, patient, experienced, helpful and well-prepared. My course is easy to follow and well constructed.
I would recommend HKLLC to my friends. The school is a good place to learn Putonghua and a better place to play chess.
I like free conversation the most because everyone can participate.
The girls at the front desk are very nice and polite.
Jeff Mok
Mandarin Student

(Course: Mandarin Intermediate 1 level 4)
To my dearest friends at HKLLC. Thank you for all your wonderful teaching. I will miss you all when l heave next week, but l hope to continue to build on all the hard work you put in to teaching me Putonghua ! I promise l will come back and visit you next time l am in Hong Kong.

Zai Jian !
Mandarin student

(Course: Mandarin)
My tutor is a great language teacher. Good teaching techniques and very encouraging. My course is very good. It is useful, easy to follow, well constructed, interesting and practical. All parts of course are important and useful. I wish there was more time for pattern drills. The learning environment is terrific. I hope to continue into Intermediate some time in the near future.

Jane Bates
International Board Ltd.

(Course: Mandarin Beginners)
The tutor is excellent in all areas and is always enthusiatic. The course materials are very good for expatriate like me. The vocabulary list is very useful for me.

I would recommend HKLLC to other people.
Kathryn Hanis
South China Morning Post

(Course: Cantonese Beginners / Intermediate)
The lessons were great fun we worked on one structured lesson using text and on free lesson where we discussed matters of interest. The lessons were humorous, relaxed and full of information. The teachers were able to communicate freely and provide good value for money. The only down side was we were used to the Sidney Lau system for tones ( HKLLC is using Yale system) . But this was a minor matter.
Mike, Russ, Steve

(Course: Cantonese Advanced)
Being new to this place does have some ups and downs and being head of a company where most of my subordinates are Chinese is another matter to deal with. After two intensive Cantonese courses provided by the Hong Kong Language Learning Centre I can finally get the message across to locals I talk to.

(Course: Cantonese Beginners / Intermediate)
The material, despite lapses in the English translations, is excellent. The teaching methods, and the accompanying atmosphere/ student-teacher relationship fostereded, are very good also. The standard of the teachers ( I'm a second - language teacher ) is uniformly high, although teacher-preparedness varies, as in any school. Being " a bit older ", l did not find the courses easy. But they were interesting, manageable, certainly very useful. I've already recommended HKLLC to others.
Theo the Younger

(Course: Cantonese Beginners / Intermediate)
The teachers are very committed and professional. And very importantly, they are accommodating to my needs, such as flexible teaching schedules, teaching materials etc.
Maria Chen Li Chian
Associate Manager
Macao Golf & Country Club

(Course: Cantonese for Mandarin Speakers)
I am enjoying the course very much and l have been surprised at how quickly l have been able to speak some Chinese am pleased with my teacher and l think we got on well together.The quality of the textbook could be improved and it is too big to carry arounds.The course is not easy but l would certainly recommend you to anyone else.
Nigel Jennison
Regional Manager
JCB Sales Ltd

(Course: Mandarin Beginners)
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