Thank you for your work to provide me with the most in-depth learning experience in Hong Kong. I greatly appreciate each and every instructor's patience and knowledge in what they teach. I wish each and all of the HKLLC team the best for the years to come!

(Course: Cantonese Course)
Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience. The two weeks beginner's Cantonese course was so well taught by all the teachers.
I can recommend the course to all who wish to make a start in speaking the language.
Jon Liu

(Course: Cantonese beginner Crash course)
Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity for me to learn Cantonese and Mandarin during my 4 weeks in Hong Kong. Everyone on the team was amazing, helpful and patient with me. Special thanks to Clara, Helen, Tony and Andy. For the countless lessons to improve my Chinese. Jessie was amazing and always such a friendly face in the morning. Lastly, thank you to Color and her family for hosting me in your home, I hope to return and perhaps see you all in the next year.
Sze Miller

(Course: Can and Man course)
Thank you all for the awesome lessons. More importantly, thank you all for helping me understand my native culture! I have a much better understanding of what makes HK the way it is. I have had many meaningful conversations with all the teachers.
ChiPang Cheung

(Course: Cantonese Course)
The environment is friendly, congenial, low-pressure, enjoyable The course is adaptable to my needs and interests.

My instructors Gary (Cantonese) and Jasmine (Mandarin) are friendly, professional, patient, and very flexible to my needs as a full-time professional.

I find Gary to be particularly good at tailoring textbook exercises in ways that address my problem areas better.

Jasmine is really great about introducing fun, creative new material that is still appropriate for my level and mixes formal, literary language with very colloquial Mandarin.

In my Cantonese sessions we mostly follow the book’s structure but learn lots of extra vocabulary as needed when I’m encouraged to make new examples. I also appreciate how flexible Gary is when I bring in my own outside materials (like flyers, menus, etc.) to learn from that day.

In my Mandarin sessions Jasmine has a nice way about firmly correcting my grammar mistakes and helping me understand them from a different perspective that is very positive yet draws attention directly to the problem.

The best part of the whole course is the flexibility and friendliness of the instructors. Staff at the front desk is efficient and accommodating.

Company: U.S. Consulate General

(Course: Cantonese and Mandarin)
The Course content is good and globally well designed. May, my Cantonese teacher is friendly, open minded and enthusiastic. Her point of development is about being more assertive ie. don't hesitate to challenge me more when l made mistakes. I am able to learn new vocabulary, construct own sentences and situational dialogues during my lessons.
PERNA Mathieu

(Course: Cantonese Private Course)
The course is easy to follow. Norma is a great instructor and she is patient. I could learn new vocabulary, construct my own sentences and create situational conversation. Staff at the front desk is very friendly and helpful. I would recommend HKLLC to somebody else.
U-jin Lim
Thomson Reuters

(Course: Cantonese)
My Cantonese Instructor was extremely well prepared and patient with us and also very enthusiastic. The environment was very nice and enjoyable. The course material was well constructed and easy to follow. Both the teaching hour and conversation hour were very good. During the lessons, we could learn new vocabulary, construct our own sentences and produce our own situational dialogues. Front desk staff were very helpful and polite. The course was very enjoyable and we enjoyed being a part of it.

The course is practical and easy to follow. My mandarin tutor is friendly, patient and professional. During the lessons, we always learn new vocabulary and do our own conversational dialogues. Conversation hours are very good. I have the chance to construct sentences and my Mandarin tutor will correct my Pin Yin. I would recommend HKLLC.
Winnie Liu
Barclays Capital Asia Ltd

(Course: Mandarin Intermediate)
The environment is warm. The course is useful and practical. My mandarin tutor, Grace is very friendly and professional. She enables me to learn new vocabularies, to construct own sentences and produce situational dialogues. I would recommend HKLLC to others.
Andy Yu
Barclays Capital Asia Limited

(Course: Mandarin)
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