Working Team

Managing Directors

Wong Lai-Yin, Eugena
Tsang Choi-Fan, Color


Dr. Lau Chun Fat, Eddy
Bsc. Biology (Chinese University of Hong Kong),
Ph.D. Biology (University of Berlin, Germany)

Wendy Lee
BBA (Chinese University of Hong Kong),
M.Phil in Statistics (Chinese University of Hong Kong),
Postgraduate Diploma in Business
Information Technology (City Polytechnic of Hong Kong)

Sin Mei-chun
Teachers Cert. (SRBCE),
Teaching English to speakers of Other Languages (University of London),
MBA (University of East Asia)


We have more than 50 Cantonese and Mandarin teachers who bring years of experience into the job. All are native speakers, either born in Hong Kong or Guangdong in the cases of the Cantonese teachers and from Beijing or the Northern Part of China in the case of the Mandarin teachers. Our teachers are mostly university graduates with a wealth of practical and academic experience. They using the latest teaching methods and media. We have our own teaching material. All of our material is written by the Centre's own staff on the basis of their long experience in using methods with best results.

Our Working Team

All of our staff are more than willing to help you in learning the language as well as give you some tips about how to adapt to life in Hong Kong. Should you have any difficulties in your language learning or daily life , please feel free to talk to any of our staff.

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